Nocciola Plush Squeaky Dog Toys for Everyone

Playful and Durable Soft Toys for Dogs of All Sizes

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4.36 out of 5 stars

223 reviews

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The Nocciola Plush Squeaky Dog Toys provide pet owners with a great option for their furry friends' playtime needs. The toys are not only soft and cuddly, but also interactive with built-in squeakers to keep dogs entertained and engaged.

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  • Lovely Squeaky Plush Toys - 12 Pack
  • Includes Watermelon (Sphere, Slice), Ice Cream, Star, Banana, Lobster, Apple, Chicken Leg, Orange, Triangle Watermelon, Flip Flop, Pumpkin, Carrot in Cartoon Figures
  • Reduce Dog's Anxiety
  • Helps Dogs Expend Spare Energy and Release Anxiety
  • Reduce Destruction Behaviors at Home and Train Dogs Cleverer
  • Improve Teeth Health
  • Cleans Teeth and Massages Gums
  • Washable Cotton Fibers Help to Fight Against Tartar Buildup and Preventing Gum Diseases
  • Satisfy Dog's Chew and Help to Grow a Natural Protective Layer
  • Soft Plush
  • Made from Plush and Cotton Fabric
  • Perfectly Safe and Reliable for Your Pets to Chew and Play
  • Bright Color and Cute Shapes - Dog's Favorites

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